U.S. Military Hosts JCET With Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers

May 1, 2023
U.S. Military Hosts JCET with Uganda Wildlife Authority

Kampala, Uganda – Civil Affairs Soldiers deployed in support of Special Operations Command Africa alongside the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) concluded a Joint Combined Exchange Training at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, April 3, 2023.

This six-week training focused on teaching park rangers to counter illicit trafficking within national parks while improving the interoperability between U.S. and Ugandan forces.

“Our hope is that each UWA Ranger will walk away with a newfound confidence to lead their subordinates against the many challenges they face,” said Capt. King, the Course Leader from the 91st Civil Affairs Battalion. “Their ability to lead creates the space for the animals they protect, while also degrading the capabilities of malign actors which seek to do harm.”

The course included lessons on weapons handling, field medical care, land navigation, crime scene investigations, law enforcement tactics, patrolling as well as human rights, leadership, ethics, and values.

“The art of conversation and ability to apply lessons-learned from the civil domain are things that the UWA Rangers already do organically as they work within the communities that they support,” said King. “Our goal is to provide additional tools to aid them as they work with the local communities that live in tandem with the wildlife.”

The UWA is a Ugandan government agency that aims to conserve, manage, and regulate Uganda’s wildlife. They face many challenges protecting the wildlife from armed poachers to violent extremist groups, but after this training, each ranger will be better prepared to counter those challenges.

“The information you are teaching us is so valuable, we will be better leaders with the knowledge you have given us.” said Pvt. Paul Abila, who serves as the leader of an Outpost in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

After graduation, these 20 UWA Rangers will return to their respective parks in higher positions of responsibility, and will continue to serve and protect the wildlife and people of Uganda.


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