US Officials Say Travis King, Who Crossed into North Korea, Is in American Custody

American soldier Travis King

SEOUL, South Korea — The American soldier who crossed into North Korea two months ago is in American custody, two U.S. officials said Wednesday. One official said that Pvt. Travis King was transferred to U.S. custody in China. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss King’s status ahead of the US announcement. Earlier, […]

Family of Pvt. Travis King Eases Back on Claims of Being Ignored by the Army

A TV screen shows a file image of American soldier Travis King during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea.

The family of Pvt. Travis King is walking back claims that they have not been contacted by the Army since King went over to North Korea. Jonathan Franks, a spokesman recently hired by the family, took responsibility for the shift in message, telling in a phone call Monday that “in the hectic end to […]

North Korea Acknowledges US Soldier Travis King Ran Across Border, Says They Are Investigating

file image of American soldier Travis King during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul

North Korea in a brief statement addressed the defection of U.S. Army Private 2nd Class Travis King, an American soldier who dashed across across the demilitarized zone and into the communist nation some two weeks ago, officials revealed. “I can confirm that the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has responded to United Nations Command, but I don’t have any substantial progress to read out,” […]

Propaganda Tool? Bargaining Chip? What North Korea May Have in Mind for Travis King

tourists stand near a border station at Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone in Paju

SEOUL, South Korea — What will North Korea do about the first U.S. soldier in decades to flee into its territory? Its official media have yet to mention Pvt. Travis King, there’s little precedent for his situation and guesses about the country’s next steps vary widely. Unauthorized crossings across the Koreas’ heavily fortified border are […]

Army Secretary Worried About How North Korea May Treat Pvt. Travis King

Unification Bridge, which leads to the Panmunjom in the DMZ in Paju, South Korea

Four days after a U.S. soldier was taken into North Korean custody, mystery still swirls over why he decided to flee across the border into the intensely isolated, authoritarian country. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said she fears for Pvt. Travis King’s safety, as the fates of other American prisoners in North Korea have been grim, […]