After Years of Delays, Army Releases New Suicide Prevention Plan Short on Answers

Paratroopers across the 82nd Airborne Division execute the 12 mile road march

Three soldiers at Fort Cavazos, Texas, died by suicide in the past two weeks. But those deaths aren’t unique to the installation formerly known as Fort Hood. At least two soldiers have died by suicide every week this year on average in the part-time components and on active duty at bases across the service, according […]

How 10th Mountain Is Working to Combat Suicide

Soldiers with 10th Mountain Division conduct a live fire exercise

With the Army yet to release a servicewide strategy for combating suicide that was due in the fall of 2021, individual formations have been left to develop their own solutions. For the 10th Mountain Division, that has meant creating its own set of web-based tools with a comprehensive list of resources, including contact information for […]

After 3 Years of Delays, Army Has Again Paused Rewriting Suicide Prevention Policies

U.S. Army Col. Mitchell Wisniewski III, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (N.J.) deputy commander and Army Support Activity commander, signs the Suicide Prevention month declaration inside the dining hall of Tommy B’s lounge on the base.

Despite a website with vague guidance, PowerPoint presentations and at least five separate policies referencing behavioral health, the Army offers relatively few clear resources for how units are supposed to respond to soldiers who are at risk of suicide. The service has been promising to rewrite its suicide prevention policy for three years, but the […]