POW Gets a Pair of Jump Boots, the Best Gift a WWII Vet Could Want

Jump boots belonging to Sgt. Stanley Garrastazu, a satellite operator and maintenance specialist assigned to the 4th Joint Support Command, 335th Signal, dry after being polished at Fort McCoy, Wis.

ROCHESTER, Minn. — For Albert “Ken” Axelson, April 2 has always been a very special day. Axelson, a World War II combat medic, turned 21 on the same day he was liberated from a Nazi prisoner of war camp in 1945 in the waning months of the war. The two anniversaries have been intertwined ever […]

Former POW Jessica Lynch Shares Story of Perseverance Ahead of Veteran’s Day

Jessica Lynch, who shot to fame as a POW during the Iraq war in 2003

VALPARAISO — At just 19 years old, Jessica Lynch was nervous before her deployment to Iraq war but said she felt ready. Nothing could have readied her for what happened once she got there. Lynch was captured by Iraqi forces just three days after she was deployed in March 2003. Lynch, 40, was the first prisoner of war successfully rescued […]