Pentagon Complied with COVID-19 Waiver Rules According to Watchdog But Services Moved Slowly

Navy Corpsmen prepare Influenza vaccines and COVID-19 booster shots on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

A Pentagon watchdog review of the military’s COVID-19 vaccine exemption process found that each of the branches largely complied with policies and, in some cases, even went beyond what was required to consider service members’ requests for religious accommodation. While rejecting a number of accusations that the services hadn’t properly reviewed waiver requests, the Pentagon’s […]

An Unlikely Alliance: How Mitch McConnell and I Took on the Pentagon and Finally Won

U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. David R. Lopez, commander of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, welcomes U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates.

If you watch cable news, you may feel dispirited by the current state of our political affairs. We are constantly told we’re too left, too right, too this and that. Partisanship exists, but seeing eye to eye isn’t a condition for finding common ground. Take, for example, my 30-year friendship with Senator Mitch McConnell. The […]

Pentagon Activates National Guard, Sends Helicopters to Aid in Deadly Hawaii Fires

CH-47 Chinook perform aerial water bucket drops on Maui

The Pentagon announced that it has sent a number of troops and military helicopters to Hawaii to assist in rescue-and-recovery efforts in the wake of devastating wildfires that swept through the island of Maui. “As of this morning, the National Guard has activated 134 National Guard personnel — 99 from the Army National Guard and […]

The Pentagon Is Pulling 1,100 Troops from the US-Mexico Border Mission

Migrants escorted by a U.S. Army soldier after entering into El Paso

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is pulling 1,100 active duty troops from the U.S.-Mexico border it deployed earlier this year as the government prepared for the end of asylum restrictions linked to the pandemic. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved the deployment of a total of 1,500 active duty troops for a temporary 90-day military presence surge […]

Academy Cadets with Kids Could Still Be Kicked Out as Pentagon Lags on Rule Change

Class of 2026 during the Acceptance Day parade at West Point.

Military students remain in limbo as final Pentagon guidance for a new policy allowing cadets at America’s service academies who have a child to continue their education has been past due for months. The Pentagon was supposed to make the changes to service academy policies by the end of December, a year after the Candidates […]