Live-Fire Training in Makua Valley Not Needed, Army Says

An Army Kiowa helicopter flies over a convoy of U.S. soldiers at the Makua Military Reservation in Hawaii

The military has officially committed to never resuming live-fire training at Makua Valley, one of its most controversial training grounds in Hawaii. The military hasn’t fired a shot in the valley since 2004 as a result of a lawsuit brought against it by Earthjustice on behalf of local activist group Malama Makua. Since then the Army has worked […]

Inside the Army’s Mad Dash for Recruiters After Graduating Only Half the Number Needed

U.S. Army soldiers with the Wichita Recruiting Company hosted a recruitment booth at Hutchinson, Kansas, on Sept. 9, 2023.

The Army is rushing to push noncommissioned officers into its recruiting school after graduating only half the number of recruiters this year that the classes are capable of producing, according to service data reviewed by The eight-week Army Recruiter Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky, can train a maximum of 2,866 students across a total […]