Army Family Awarded $10.3 Million After Living in Mold-Infested Home at Texas' Fort Cavazos

Homes on Fort Cavazos, Texas

An Army family at Fort Cavazos in Texas was awarded $10.3 million Monday after living in a mold-infested home run by a private Army housing company and repeated hospitalizations of their newborn infant for respiratory difficulties. Sgt. Jason Kiernan’s wife Sarah was having constant health problems, including respiratory issues, during her pregnancy while living in […]

LASIK Eye Surgeries Curtailed at Fort Cavazos Because of a Doctor Shortage

Soldier receives Lasik eye surgery

Soldiers at Fort Cavazos, Texas, may have difficulty getting corrective vision surgeries such as LASIK until at least January because of a doctor shortage. After a week of inquiries from, a spokesperson for the base’s medical center said that refractive eye surgeries — which can alleviate or fix farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism — are […]

8 Prison Recipes Soldiers at Fort Cavazos Can Use to Make Meals from the Shoppette

8 Prison Recipes Soldiers at Fort Cavazos Can Use to Make Meals from the Shoppette

By now, you might have heard the Army’s Fort Cavazos, formerly Fort Hood, has had some trouble getting junior enlisted troops real food in its dining facilities, forcing soldiers to drive to the nearest open chow hall, even if the round trip takes more than an hour. While base officials say they’ve remedied the issues, […]

Fort Cavazos Soldiers Have Been Without Proper Access to Food for Months

The water tower n at Fort Cavazos. (U.S. Army photo by Eric Franklin)

One of the Army’s largest bases has been barely able to keep its food services up and running for months, according to soldiers stationed there and dining facility schedules reviewed by The situation at Fort Cavazos, Texas — previously known as Fort Hood — has left some junior enlisted with few options for meals, […]