2 Fort Carson Soldiers Injured in Second Apache Helicopter Crash in 48 Hours

AH-64 Apache helicopter flies over Fort Carson

Two soldiers were hospitalized with minor injuries after their AH-64 Apache helicopter went down Wednesday evening during a routine training exercise out of Fort Carson, Colorado, base officials confirmed Thursday. The crash is the second in just 48 hours involving an Army Apache; the airframe has seen several other incidents over the last year that […]

National Guard Apache Helicopter Crashes in Mississippi Killing Two Crew Members

An AH-64 Apache helicopter

A Mississippi National Guard AH-64 Apache attack helicopter crashed in the northern part of the state near Booneville on Friday afternoon, a service component spokesperson confirmed. Two Guardsmen who were on board were killed in the mishap and safety crews were at the scene, according to a statement from Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves. The names […]