After 9,000 Guardsmen Weren’t Paid Owed Bonuses, House Lawmakers Say They Want Answers

Marksmanship Sustainment Training Exercise at Riverroad Training Site

Following a report published by detailing the National Guard’s failure to pay over 9,000 soldiers their signing bonuses, a bipartisan group of House lawmakers has sent a letter to the National Guard’s commanding officer, demanding answers for the lack of accountability and to know when the service members will get their bonuses. Penned by […]

After Years of Delays, Army Releases New Suicide Prevention Plan Short on Answers

Paratroopers across the 82nd Airborne Division execute the 12 mile road march

Three soldiers at Fort Cavazos, Texas, died by suicide in the past two weeks. But those deaths aren’t unique to the installation formerly known as Fort Hood. At least two soldiers have died by suicide every week this year on average in the part-time components and on active duty at bases across the service, according […]