How Four Nuns Became the First Native American Women to Serve in the US Military

U.S. Army nurses pose for an undated photo during the Spanish-American War.

Originally published by The 19th. In an old black and white photograph, four nuns flank a priest at a U.S. military hospital in Havana, Cuba. Their severe expressions speak to the harsh conditions they had faced during the Spanish-American War — from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota to military camps in Florida, […]

The Incredible Life of the American Airman Who Created ‘King Kong’

The Incredible Life of the American Airman Who Created 'King Kong'

Even if you’ve never seen the original “King Kong,” you probably know its climactic aerial assault scene. An escaped Kong has kidnapped Ann (actress Fay Wray) by reaching into her hotel room and carrying her to the top of the Empire State Building. There, he’s attacked by four Curtiss F8C Helldiver biplanes. Watching the scene, […]

US Officials Say Travis King, Who Crossed into North Korea, Is in American Custody

American soldier Travis King

SEOUL, South Korea — The American soldier who crossed into North Korea two months ago is in American custody, two U.S. officials said Wednesday. One official said that Pvt. Travis King was transferred to U.S. custody in China. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss King’s status ahead of the US announcement. Earlier, […]