Maine Considers Giving Panel Subpoena Power to Access Mass Shooter’s Military Records

Memorials for those who in Lewiston, Maine shooting

PORTLAND, Maine — A Maine legislative committee considered an emergency request on Monday to grant powers to a panel investigating last year’s Lewiston mass shooting that the state’s governor said are critical to unraveling how the killings unfolded. An independent commission is investigating the October shootings that killed 18 people in a bowling alley and […]

Fort Cavazos Soldiers Have Been Without Proper Access to Food for Months

The water tower n at Fort Cavazos. (U.S. Army photo by Eric Franklin)

One of the Army’s largest bases has been barely able to keep its food services up and running for months, according to soldiers stationed there and dining facility schedules reviewed by The situation at Fort Cavazos, Texas — previously known as Fort Hood — has left some junior enlisted with few options for meals, […]