CIBA Tech Development – A Call To Arms

May 26, 2023

The Combat Infantrymen’s Association –

The Memorial Day Holiday is nearly upon us and I am asking for your time and valuable skills to help us build an Association of Warfighters and Supporters like no other. I understand there never seems to be enough time due to commitments and responsibilities to our country, family, community, and selves, but if you have some time to donate to a great association we really could use your help. 

It seems every time I turn around another VFW is closing its doors, another military event is being canceled or another veterans group falls by the wayside, being pushed out by time and or technology. The Combat Infantrymen’s Association, Inc. is an organization that has a long-storied history with our country, its communities, and the fighting men and women of the United States Army. Once again, the CIBA is in a battle to make the changes necessary to transition and meet the challenges of a new technology-driven era. 

While membership is stable, the association lacks new blood and individual support personnel to meet the technology challenges of a “new” online association. In short, we need your help and participation.  The Jarvis Media Group has developed a website, Social Media presence and a Warfighter/Supporter Community unlike any you have seen.

If you can spare some Online time, we have many duties where your assistance could be paramount to the Combat Infantrymen’s Association, Inc.’s success. If you would like to help and be a part of something truly special – please send your contact information to Thank you for your consideration and continued support of the Combat Infantrymen’s Association, Inc.

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