Top Republicans Fume After Botched Army Terrorism Briefing Named Anti-Abortion Groups

Rep. Mike Rogers at the Capitol in Washington

Leading Republican lawmakers are demanding answers from the Army after gate security at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, was given an anti-terrorism briefing that lumped mainstream anti-abortion groups in with extremist groups. The slide presentation was botched in many ways, including also labeling non-violent, left-wing groups as terrorists. But Republicans are homing in on the anti-abortion […]

Former Army Officer to Lead Peterson, Schriever and Other Space Force Bases

U.S. Space Force Col. Kenneth Klock, Space Base Delta 1 commander

A former longtime Army officer took the helm of the Peterson and Schriever Space Force bases on Thursday, along with other installations in Hawaii, New Hampshire and Greenland. As Commander of Space Base Delta 1, Col. Kenneth Klock will oversee over 4,300 people, who provide seven Space Force installations with support services, such as civil […]

Army Says It Couldn't Use New York's Red Flag Law to Disarm Lewiston Gunman

In this image taken from New York State Police body camera video that was obtained by WMTW-TV 8 in Portland, Maine, New York State Police interview Army reservist Robert Card, the man responsible for Maine's deadliest mass shooting, at Camp Smith in Cortlandt, N.Y.

Maj. Matthew Dickison accepted Robert Card’s claim that he was not planning on hurting himself or others. But the Army reservist’s paranoid behavior and agitation over the course of an hour-long psychological evaluation last summer concerned Dickison enough to recommend that Card be kept away from guns. “I’m afraid of what I may do if […]

Botched Army Security Briefing Labeled Anti-Abortion, Animal Activist Groups as Potential Terrorists

The new Fort Liberty sign is displayed outside the base

Army personnel in charge of security at the gates of Fort Liberty, North Carolina, received an anti-terroism briefing Wednesday, training that typically gives a mundane rundown of how to identify potential threats. But this PowerPoint presentation had a glaring difference: It conflated mainstream lobbying groups, partisan organizations and non-violent political activism with terror groups such […]