Air Force's New Physical Training Uniform Finally Set to Hit Exchange Store Shelves this Summer

May 2, 2024
Air Force Uniform Office members 2nd Lt. Maverick Wilhite and 1st Lt. Avery Thomson put updated versions of the Air Force physical training gear, or PTG, uniform through their paces at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Airmen at basic military training have finally started to receive new physical training clothes, nearly two years after they were promised to service members.

Sarah Fiocco, an Air Force spokesperson, told on Thursday that airmen at basic training began receiving the remodeled physical training clothes last month. Chris Ward, a spokesman for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, said they’re expected to be stocked at those stores sometime in July, citing information from Air Force logistics and the Defense Logistics Agency.

The new uniforms mark the first change to airmen’s physical training gear in nearly 20 years. While the uniforms, at first glance, appear nearly identical to the older workout clothes, there are some small tweaks, including softer fabric and quick-drying material, the service said in a 2021 statement about finalizing the design. The service also released a better-tailored workout jacket and a new type of running shorts.

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“In the past, there was one uniform for all athletic pursuits, whether you were running, playing basketball or lifting weights,” Col. Paul Burger, former 88th Air Base Wing Mission Support Group commander, said in a 2021 news release. “The approach the Air Force has now taken, is to develop a uniform that is earmarked for runners or running, and one that is better designed for some of those other athletic activities.”

Air Force officials originally planned to have the uniform ready for airmen by 2022. The Air Force isn’t the only service to get new and updated physical training gear.

Last month, Space Force Guardians finally received their own physical training uniforms. The newest service first unveiled the look of its workout gear in September 2021. But officials were “overcoming material shortages and supply chain delays stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic,” and finally released it nearly three years later, the service said in a press release.

Similar to the Air Force’s new uniforms, the Space Force gear includes breathable, moisture-wicking black shorts; a quick-drying gray T-shirt; and a black tracksuit. All pieces of clothing have the Space Force emblem, as well as “USSF,” on the sleeves.

In November, reported that the Marine Corps ended a plan to revamp its physical fitness uniform. Officials said they “ceased work to procure and field the new PT uniform to redirect resources to more urgent defense needs.”

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